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Certification Designations... ISA

This certification program has been designed for graduating seniors from 4 year undergraduate Information Systems degree programs, especially for those universities following the Information Systems Model Curriculum (ACM, AITP, and AIS sponsored). Colleges and Universities use this assessment approach to evaluate students, educational program outcomes and benchmark their students against the database of exam takers. Some companies use it to evaluate incoming employees to verify skills and competencies.

A 50% or higher pass in the approximately 3 hour long ISA examination (can be split into two 105 minute exams), plus an undergraduate degree, qualifies an individual to receive the title of ISA-Practitioner and at 70% or higher grade, is specified as ISA-Mastery level. A holder of the ISA is automatically enrolled into the ICCP Recertification program.

NOTE: When you take this examination at your college or University, you are given the option of paying for the credential right after your receive your score and if you pass the examination. Your certificate will be mailed to you based on the ICCP receiving confirmation directly from your University of you having graduated successfully from your program.

The ISA program is jointly administered by the office at ICCP and the Center for Computing Education Research (CCER) - a division of the ICCP Education Foundation.

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