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Certification Designations... CBIP

The Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP™) credential is the business intelligence and data warehousing industry’s most meaningful and credible certification program.

Your achievement of the CBIP™ credential tells the world—including current and prospective employers—that you are serious about business intelligence. Let your résumé show that your in-depth knowledge has been certified. You’ll gain competitive advantage and open up opportunities down the road.

As the industry's only independent professional certification program, the Certified Business Intelligence Professional combines core knowledge with your ability to apply that knowledge in a test-based certification program. The certification is offered in four key specialty areas: Leadership and Management, Business Analytics, Data Analysis and Design, and Data Integration.

The CBIP program is designed for experienced information systems and technology professionals in the business intelligence and data warehousing industries.


In conjunction with our certification partner, TDWI, since 2004 we have provided the CBIP™ credential to global business and industry through their unique, collaborative business partnership. Today, CBIP™ is the fastest-growing professional business intelligence certification program for progressive companies and their employees.

If you hold the CDP™ (formerly the CDMP) with Data Management and Data Warehousing specialties, you may also qualify for the CBIP™.  Contact the ICCP office for details or click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to pay the $300 conversion fee.

CBIP is a registered trademark of TDWI™.